compact in one module

Award-winning Swiss world novelty

Clean energy from sun, wind, and thermal

Gain independence with renewable energy on your roof and facade. The hero. modules convert sun, wind and thermal energy into clean energy. This protects you and your family from rising electricity prices, power outages and electrosmog. The hero. Solution for you, your family and the environment.

Greater energy yield with hero. high energy roof

independent, safe & economical

Conventional solar system

Greater energy yield with hero. high energy roof

independent, safe & economical

Cover energy needs

With our solutions, you can meet your own energy needs. Whether you need electricity, heat or a combination of both: For every need, there is the right hero. solution.

For all surfaces

hero. modules are suitable for all roofs and facades. The compact size allows maximum use of the available space. A uniform, harmonious and beautiful roof is ensured.  

Easy to combine

All hero. modules can be combined with each other. Customize your hero. solution to your ideal needs and maximize your benefits.

Around the clock

hero.wind produces electricity and heat around the clock using energy from the sun and wind.

Awarded, Patented & Certified

Hero. has been awarded the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions and patented worldwide.

Quick & Easy Assembly

The simple hero. System is mounted quickly and efficiently with little effort.

Winning all along the line

Gain even more independence with hero. in combination with an energy storage system. That's what we call freedom energy. Contact us for a personal consultation.

hero. is the best solution

3x energy

The hero. modules generate three times the renewable energy compactly on the same surface area.

24h / 365 days

The combination of the wind, the sun, and solar thermal energy generates clean energy throughout the night, winter, and days with little sunlight.

From 5.5 cents per kWh

hero. modules produces energy for as little as 5.5 cents per kWh, allowing you to be protected from rising energy costs.

Maximum power output

The efficiency of your hero. Modules are increased by up to 20% due to the patented cooling.

100% Climate positive

Carbon neutral within 2 years. It produces more energy than it consumes in the process of manufacturing.

Electricity and heat

With the hero. Modules you produce electricity and heat. The efficient energy production maximizes their energy independence.

Safety & security

100% waterproof roof also protects you from harmful electrosmog due to the development of light metal construction.

High efficiency

The investment is already fully amortized within a few years and generates a high return.

Aesthetic design

The shapely and incomparable design enhances your object and gives you unimagined architectural freedom.

Long lifespan

The patented cooling prevents the solar cells from overheating and increases the service life many times over.

Maximum flexibility

The compact module size makes maximum use of the roof area, despite skylights and other obstacles.

Protection from heat accumulation

The modules protect the roof substructure from heat penetration in summer, thus preventing heat-induced aging.

Your future in safe hands

hero. and experienced craftsmen ensure a safe and fast implementation. Request your free, non-binding guideline quote now and learn more about the potential of your property.