About us

«Thinkers, visionaries, pioneers»


As pioneers for compact energy modules, we stand for innovative and self-sufficient energy generation. This should give everyone access to energy.

Our conviction

Energy is the heartbeat of a successful economy, society and technology.

We firmly believe that everyone should have access to energy to achieve their personal goals. That is why we develop Hero modules that are clean, standardized, innovative and affordable without harming our environment.


A world in which EVERYONE has access to renewable, self-sufficient energy and can sustainably improve their quality of life.

Together for our future!


We guarantee the intelligent use of renewable energy for humanity. We do this by maximizing the self-sufficient promotion of renewable energy and high independence. At the same time, we minimize the impact on the environment.


As entrepreneurs and people, we attach great importance to respect and appreciation. That is why you can find a careful connection to the environment in all of our considerations.

Be brave

We can see the future in what we do because we create it together. We are always looking for inspiration and connecting points that no one else connects. We are not afraid of the biggest problems in the world. It takes courage.

Be passionate

You are here because of your unique talents and fire to do something useful. It shines through in a way that raises the bar for all of us. Never stop growing.

Be decisive

Have a point of view based on data, experience and instincts. Make the decision and be responsible for the result. Speed ​​matters because the biggest risk is to stand still.

Deliver Awesome

We are proud of the products we deliver because they stimulate the imagination and exceed expectations. We create and build our brand in all the work that bears our name: Logic Swiss.

Our Management

Director board and company management

Romeo Maggi


Dr. Heiko Schwertner

Member of the board of director

Stefan Gübeli

Member of the board of director

Norbert Nesseler

Member of the board of director

Dr. Frank Kalvelage

Member of the board of director

Extended management

Tiziana Villa Keller

Head of Marketing and member of management

Vedad Alihodzic

Business developer europe and member of management


Do you share our values and visions for the future?

If you already want to shape the future today, we look forward to talking to you. Send us your CV at hr@logic.swiss and we will contact you shortly.

We currently looking for:
  • Project manager for product industrialization